Ways Custom Poker Chips Are Printed

Poker is a popular casino game that has been played for many years. You will even find poker in online casinos, as seen here. Poker chips are not only used for playing poker. They are used as gift sets, business cards, drink tokens, and many other things. There are various ways of printing poker chips. Here you will learn about them.

Custom inlay

It is the most popular way of printing custom poker chips. You need an 8 stripe custom poker chip for it. The chips are made in a warehouse where custom chips are printed. There is glue for the labels so that they adhere to the center of the chip.

The imprint area has high resolution. You can get a full-color print on the poker chip. If you are using poker chips for promotional giveaways or charities, then this printing method is ideal as it is very economical.

Premium direct print

By using this technique, it is possible to print directly on the customized poker chip. The color is dried immediately after application. This printing method can be used with a 6-stripe or 8-stripe inlay. This method of printing is a bit expensive, but you will get awesome results with it.

Hot stamp

If budget constraints you, you should use the hot stamp or foil stamp option. This printing method is suitable if you have to print 500 or more chips. It is a one-colour printing option done in a silver or gold metallic foil print.

You can also get the normal colors with it. It is a durable print process. You can use this process for printing customized poker chip sets, giveaways, and drink tokens. You will find many printing companies in the marketplace offering these printing solutions. You should choose the right one for your need according to your budget.

Author: Print Cities