TransAct’s Casino Printing Solution

Though people have spiked interest in online casinos, the attraction of traditional casinos has not diminished. People still visit conventional casinos for the awesome environment and excitement of playing casino games.

Casino Printing Solutions

In casinos, you see lots of printed displays on slot machines and other things. Coupons and tickets are constantly being printed. So, you need a printing solution that provides real-time printing. TransAct’s casino printing solution has proved to be very effective.

TransAct Technologies Incorporated is a leader in casino printing solutions. They have the best printers for doing casino printing jobs. Their printing solution Epicentral is aimed to improve casino experiences. They also have great printers for slot machines.

TransAct’s printing solution has been installed on over more than 10,000 gaming machines throughout the world. Using the Epicentral system, casino operators can provide real-time targeted promotions and bonus coupons directly at the slot machine or the electronic table game.

This system integrates with the existing slot machines, electronic table games, and slot management systems. So, the casino operators can run promotions with a click of a button.

Using this printing solution, the casino operators can boost their revenue. Installing the software is easy, and you can get effective results from it. The graphical interface is easy to use, and the casino operators can easily print the coupons when needed.

Apart from Epicentral, TransAct has other printing systems like Epic 950, Epic 880, and Epic 430. These are used in casinos worldwide to print tickets and coupons in real-time. TransAct invests in research and development to develop better printing solutions for different industries, including the casino industry. In the future, they will come up with more sophisticated solutions.

Author: Print Cities