5 Types of Industrial Printing Machines

The printer manufacturers are coming up with different printing machines for industrial purposes. The printing techniques and processes have improved over the years. So, you will now get good quality industrial printing machines in the market. The industrial printing machine is used for many purposes, like the preservation of historical records and other works.

Today you can get printing machines in different sizes according to various needs. Large-sized printers are used for heavy-duty printing businesses. Small and medium-sized printers are used for smaller businesses. The large printing machines can print a large volume of things within a short time.

You will find printers that are meant for printing in different mediums using different technologies. Here we are going to discuss some of the printers commonly used for industrial purposes.

Digital printers

These printers are cost-effective and ideal for small and medium-sized jobs. You can get fine printing from these printers. You can easily print books and posters using these printers. You will find these printers in most offices.

Inkjet printers

These printers use inkjet technology for printing. The printers are compact and easy to use. They don’t take any warm-up time and are noise-free. Due to affordability, many businesses prefer this printer for their office works.

Screen printers

Using this printer, you can print on mediums like textiles, ceramics, paper, wood, glass, metal, and even plastic. You can get exciting effects using this printer. A wide range of dyes and inks can be used in these printers. These printers are used for producing labels, signs, nameplates, t-shirts, etc. You can also print a large number of posters, display stands, and images on CDs and DVDs.

Embossing machines

For doing fine printing on different products, this machine is used. You can print three-dimensional images with it. Mediums on which it can be used include paper, metals, and textiles. It can also enhance the look of aluminum foil.

Flexographic machines

Initially, this machine was used to print on corrugated cardboard. It is used for packaging mainly. You can get fine and high-quality impressions on various substrates. You can use different printing plates to print on paper, foils, acetate films, or plastic.

Now you know the common printers that are used for industrial purposes. So, you can now choose the best printer for your business.

Author: Print Cities