Front Door Advertisers...Web Pages...If your company would like additional exposure inside Printcities , we offer many options. Our Front Door (front page) floor space is only for companies that can handle additional business! Call for details (863)640-2475.

You can see examples in our Business Directory.

Ask Terry Smith at AtoZ Equipment if he benifits from his Front Page Exposure! Rest assured you won't be left alone in that Dark Hole called the Internet! Your URL will be something like www.printcities.com/yourcompany. We do all the design, upkeep, and updates. The design is free and our Web hosting fee is the best bargain anywhere. A full page site is only $25.95 a month ($311.40 for 1 Year). A half page web page is only $ 10.95 per month. If you place time sensitive material or machinery to sell in your site, we will update your page free of charge. Companies desiring Web pages inside PrintCities need only follow a few guide lines and we will do the rest.

PrintCities nor Tanner Enterprises, Inc. will be held responsible for any of the following:

Buyers and Sellers shall comply with all local, state, federal and international laws that may govern their transaction and the item(s) being sold.

Sellers have a responsibility to accurately describe their products and ship promptly in accordance with terms agreed upon by the buyer and seller. They also have the responsibility to notify Printcities.com when they sell their equipment. If you find this difficult, don't post your equipment here!

Sellers can submit a list of items for sale to Tanner Enterprises, Inc. P.O. Box 90705, Lakeland, FL 33804 or or by filling out the Business Directory form. There is a fee of $12.95 per machine (non photo ads) listed (until sold) and you may pay by credit card or by sending a check. Items need to be accurately described with as much information as possible, including meter readings, impressions etc..

Sellers can submit photos of their items for sale by following the directions on the Registration Page. Sellers using U.S. Mail can submit their photos with their registration and we will scan the items. Photo Ads are $59.00 each (until sold) and an accurate description of items for sale is the responsibility of the seller. Please help us keep this site accurate and legitimately competitive.

Sellers shall have the responsibility to properly package or ready their product for shipping. 

Buyers shall have the responsibility to pay for all shipping charges pertaining to their purchase unless previously agreed upon by buyer and seller. 

All participants must be able to enter into a legally binding contract. The bidding environment shall remain legitimately competitive and independent among bidders. Any effort by bidders or sellers to circumvent legitimate competition among independent bidders is a violation of these terms and may result in denying future participation at PrintCities.

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