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"I just want to publicly thank Don for his help, and going out of his way to ship the appropriate service manual to me. This is information that I think I would be hard pressed to locate any other way, or at least without incurring considerable expense. I'm pleased that I found this incredably valuable resource! I wish it had been around 15 years ago, probably could have avoided many a headache along the way. Thanks again, Don, I'll let you know what I discover. "


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This Technical Forum Message Board is designed to help those who have any problem or question associated with the printing process, or just need help in general. Maybe you are looking for a specific piece of equipment. Post it here! If you do not receive an answer from a Tech Forum moderator, click here and scroll the Moderators corner for someone with the expertise to answer your question, then Email him directly.


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To help moderate this board,we are looking for people to help answer questions which might be posted concerning problems with process, equipment, etc. You don't have to be on-line everyday, we just ask when you come on-line, please check out the Forum to see if anyone has posted questions you can answer for them. In exchange for your help we will profile you in our "Moderators Corner". Moderators should possess some area of technical expertise and be willing to share this expertise with others. Also, you don't have to be a moderator to answer questions in the Forum, if you have the answer to someone's problem or question.

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