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The Future Sure Comes Quick!

Small Company Thinks Big and Out Of the Box!

Lakeland, Florida - December 1, 2000


The June 2000 issue of In-Plant Printer, profiled an Internet community "" developed by Tanner Enterprises Inc. Beside the normal description of the unique web site content, Stephen Purvis, CEO of Tanner Enterprises Inc. was quoted as saying " The company believes the 'city' approach will be the way large industries are indexed on the Internet in the near future" This visionary approach, used to develop has obviously caught the eye, in an impressive manner, of World Internet executives, developers and experts.

Stephen Purvis has been invited to deliver a keynote address at the European "Global Internet Summit" held in Munich, Germany January 18-19, 2001. (see attached)

Hosted throughout Europe, the Global Internet Summit fills the need of first rate information provided and shared by the entrepreneurs and visionaries of the Internet Economy.

During past interviews, Mr. Purvis has stated " the Internet was designed to make the world smaller, when in fact the opposite had occurred. You could spend countless hours searching for information in that black hole. We designed PrintCities to make the printing industry smaller. By placing PI companies, worldwide, under one prime location on the web, we have opened a portal and a business model that gives every company in the industry, large or small, equal footing and exposure. This mechanism should enable the PI to leap to the forefront of the B2B revolution. Our broader vision is to help change the way all large industries conduct e- commerce."

Mr. Purvis has some pretty good company, as past Summit speakers include Mark Walsh, Chairman & CEO of VerticalNet, Mark Hoffman CEO of Commerce One, Lawrence Calcano Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, Steve Balmer CEO of Microsoft, Jim Rose CEO of QXL, Daniel Aegerter CEO of Tradex, and Michael Tomasic of CambridgeSoft.

For further information about, Tanner Enterprises Inc. or the Global Internet Summit, you can contact Mr. Purvis by phone, (863)853-4106 or e-mail

For Immediate Release

For further information contact
Stephen Purvis (863)853-4106

Over 200 years Of Technical Expertise On Demand Opens Moderated Technical Forum

Lakeland, Florida - Jan 9, 2008 is proud to announce their Moderated Technical Forum has been visited by almost 400,000 customers. Stephen Purvis, CEO of Tanner Enterprises, Inc and has assembled some very knowledgeable personnel to moderate and answer questions, in what is believed to be the Printing Industries first "free and open" moderated technical forum.

Hosted inside, the Tech Forum boasts a wide variety of technical and operational resources. The present moderators include, a long term Heidelberg mechanic, a 6-color large press operator with 25 years on press experience, 3 certified graphic instructors with factory training in AB Dick, Ryobi, Adast, Townsend, Multi, Itek, Elefax, Challenge, a graphic arts technician specializing in all aspects of camera and stripping techniques and more. Their combined expertise totals over 200 years and you can visit the Moderators Corner to get a first hand look at their qualifications.

Mr. Purvis has stated " The Tech Forum is designed to remove some of the day to day stress and headaches associated with the printing process. Instead of fighting problems, print shop personnel can come to the Forum and post questions. One of the moderators should either have an answer to the question, or a path to take to correct the problem. If the problem is very technical in nature, and the repair requires technical expertise, the moderator will tell the customer this and suggest a certified mechanic. For everyday operator and process problems, or if you are just looking for some information, an answer could be just a couple mouse clicks away. We are also looking for more moderators to join this project, thus expanding our capabilities in order to meet the market demands. "

By constantly changing and updating the site to accommodate the needs of the "industry", has become the industrial hub envisioned by Mr. Purvis, offering new and exciting avenues for the "industry" to grow and excel. has been the "most popular" printing equipment Web site on AOL for two years in a row.


For further information about, Tanner Enterprises
Inc. or the Global Internet Summit, you can contact Mr. Purvis by
phone, (863)853-4106 or e-mail,