RYOBI 3200CD w/T-51 Including Inks and Supplies.


$5,000. This press has infrared drying, super blue anti-tracking, powder, Crestline dampening. The price includes: 5 super blue nets (PRI), plate punch, 2 clean-up tray attachments, 1 new (unopened) package of Baseline cleanup mats (for the T-51). Also included, a minimum of 150 cans of inks: 1# cans include rubber base and oil; 5# cans includes acrylic and oil; many, if not most of these cans are unopened; some of the acrylic are nearly full.

This press is in good condition; it has been maintained. The price for all of this is $5,000. The reason for selling - upgraded to a digital press.

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